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Project Lifecycle Management - for Project Professionals



Project Lifecycle Management – for Project Professionals
The Systems Thinking Approach”

Based on
Blended Adult Learning” including Lectures, Videos, Practical Exercises, Games, etc.


v  Projects, Project Management, and Systems Thinking

v  Why Projects Fail – Causes, Consequences, and Cures?

v  Why is Project Management (PM) Important?

v  Why is Systems Engineering (SE) Important?

v  Cooperation between PM and SE

v  Project Lifecycle Concept – Rationale, Benefits, and Processes

v  Project Lifecycle Requirements – Business, Technical, and Integration

v  Critical Project Lifecycle Deliverables

v  Project Lifecycle Governance

v  Gate Review Process

v  Specific Provision for Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs)


 Course Content


Managing Complex Infrastructure Projects ...

v  Understanding of project lifecycle requirements;

v  Understanding of the differences and complementarities between Project Managers and Systems Practitioners;

v  Proficiency in producing project lifecycle outputs and deliverables;

v  Effective participation in Integrated Project Teams in multi-disciplinary, complex projects;

v  Application of Systems Thinking concepts to enhance project delivery;

v  Ability to appropriately tailor project processes to suit project complexity and criticality;

v  Ability to comply to lifecycle requirements and meaningfully participate in Gate Review events;

v  Understanding of the specific provisions and outcomes pertaining to Large Infrastructure Projects.


Learning Objectives


 This 2-Day Masterclass shall provide most participants with practical strategies and tools to enable project managers, project sponsors/directors, engineering managers, and other project team members to better understand the requirements and application of Project Lifecycle Management and equip them to comply to such requirements and to appropriately applied Systems Thinking, -Engineering, - Approaches and - Methodologies (STEAM), thus leading to effectively managed and successfully delivered projects ...

Earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points with ECSA [2] & SACPCMP [5] & PDUs with PMI!


The Facilitator:

 Pascal Bohulu Mabelo
MSc, MBA, Pr Eng, PMP, P2R, Pr CPM, Pr PMSA, MSP

Type: Course
CESA Validation Num: CESA-1480-08/2021
CPD Points: 2
Coordinator: Blessings Banda
Fee: R 7 000.00 excl. VAT