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Sustainability Reporting for Consulting Engineering Companies

Sustainability Reporting for Consulting Engineering Companies



Course Outline




This training provides an overview of the importance of Sustainability Reporting, providing insight into why it is being pursued and reported by companies world wide, why it should be included in engineering consulting, and how CESA Members should produce Sustainability reports.




The training will provide insight to the term and concept of sustainability and sustainability reporting, and how CESA members should report on sustainability matters in the industry.


Sustainability leads companies to consider and manage their impacts and resources. This allows companies to re-think their operations, and to reevaluate elements of their business model, in order to, not only become a more sustainable business, but to provide more sustainable services and products whilst considering social and environmental impacts of their operations.


Sustainability reporting in the engineering industry is evolving.  Consulting Engineers need to be aware of what this is, and how it is, and should be influencing the way business is done.




The Programme will address:

1.       Introduction to Sustainability and CESA Sustainability Report

2.       Sustainabilty Context and Applicability to the Engineering Sector

3.       Purpose of Sustainability Reporting

4.       Value of Sustainability Reporting

5.       Principles of Sustainability Reporting

·         Defining Report Content

·         Defining Report Quality

·         Stakeholder Engagement

·         Materiality

6.       How should CESA Members Report

·         GRI

·         CESA 5 Key Sustainability Issues

7.       CESA Sustainability Checklist & Minimum Requirements

8.       CESA Intermediate and Advanced Reporting



This event has been cancelled