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Emotional Intelligence for Engineering Success

Emotional Intelligence for Engineering Success

it is a skill. it can be developed. we show you how.

                 Are you challenged by any of these?


-   Motivating people to deliver on what’s been promised

-   Managing shrinking budgets

-   Juggling multiple stakeholders and outwitting competitors

-   Finding the right resources for the job and

     dealing with challenging people


Technical skills are critical, but in a volitile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world they are not enough. 

Find out how to use the power of your Emotional Intelligence to positively impact the bottom line

Course Outcomes:


You will learn how to…


·         Develop greater self awareness and strengthen your leadership

·         Increase your personal resilience in adverse situations 

·         Apply skills that promote trust, motivation and cooperation with clients and colleagues

·         Respond to difficult people by fostering respect and reducing conflict

·         Apply the core EI competencies for achieving results


Course Outline:


The Business Case for EI


The impact of Emotional Intelligence has on Performance and EI behaviours that make us powerful leaders and relationship builders


-    Define what is Emotional Intelligence 

-    Examine the EI Framework

-    Connect to Performance and Engineering Success  

-    Emotional Hijack and Conflict Management

-    The Way We Are Wired – Neuroscience and EI

-    EI and IQ


The Doorway to Emotional Intelligence


Insight into yourself and what drives your behaviour. Gather data to perform in the moment and live your intentions


-    Includes Personality Profiling (NBI Profile) and Values clarification

-    Tools for Gathering Data

-    Skills to deal with resistance and negativity

-    How to choose perceptions and behaviours that

          will lead to positive outcomes

-    Practical Steps to Apply

-    Action Plan and Tracking



Who should attend?


For all levels of management, mentors, directors and individuals who want to improve their own and their team performance

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