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Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Developing Emotional Intelligence



In today’s world, the challenge is often not our technical skills but the interpersonal relationship challenges with our colleagues and team members. Sometime we find it difficult to communicate with demanding clients. This course has been developed to equip you with emotional intelligence which is the basis for effective interpersonal relationships. Developing Emotional Intelligence is a 2 day course set out to create emotional awareness that will assist you in your place of work as well as other areas of your life. The course has practical tools to improve performance in and out of the workplace. It will assist in handling conflict more effectively, developing confidence, helping develop a clear shared vision in the workplace, managing stress and building effective communication. The course explores concepts related to emotional competence and is underpinned by the latest research in neuroscience principles.


Course Outline

Defining Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Examining a EI framework

            Understanding how to develop self-mastery  (Self-awareness and self-management)

            Understanding how to enhance relationships

Connecting Neuroscience (NS) to EI  - How does knowledge of the brain help us manage our emotions

Applying Neuroscience Principles in the workplace

            Goal Setting and Motivation


            Networking Skills

            Conflict Resolution

            Team Development

            Stress Management and Resilience


Learning Outcomes

  An understanding of EI and highlight EI benefits in the workplace.

Understanding of  personal responses, goals, intentions

Understanding others and their emotions – increased empathy

Skills in effective co-operation and communication

Constructive conflict resolution and negotiation techniques

Practical assertiveness

Better stress and anger management

 Increased awareness of other perspectives which leads to improved relationships


 Who should attend?


 This course is beneficial to all levels within an organisation who interact with people. Executives, senior managers, project managers, HR management as well as staff who engage with people frequently as part of their role.

Dates and Times:
  • Mon 3 December 2018  08:30 to 16:30
  • Tue 4 December 2018  08:30 to 16:30
Type: Course
Venue: CESA Training Centre, Paulshof, Johannesburg , Paulshof
Fee: R 5 650.00 excl. VAT
CESA Validation Num: CESA-1111-07/2020
CPD Points: 2
Coordinator: Blessings Banda