School Event

Technical & Business Report Writing


This course will help to improve the report writing skills of delegates in order to promote efficient and professional written communication. Delegate will also be able:

·         To obtain knowledge on the correct structure and formatting to use when compiling a report.

·         To improve knowledge and skills on how to compile a professional and effective report.

·         To understand the purpose and use of the various types of charts and graphs for maximum results.

Course Outline

Day 1:

  • Communication
  • The communication process
  • How good are your communication skills?
  • Why people misunderstand each other
  • Communication exercise
  • Clear writing
  • Principles of clear writing
  • Process to follow
  • Tenses
  • Grammar
  • Punctuations
  • Style
  • Compiling Business reports
  • Planning
  • Research
  • Structure and purpose of structure in a report
  • Write
  • Presenting
  • Structure of various business reports
  • Compiling Technical reports
  • Planning
  • Research
  • Typical structure of a Technical report

Day 2

  • References
  • Discussions
  • Equations
  • When to use capital letters
  • Correct abbreviation
  • Practical example
  • Illustrating the report
  • Positioning of diagram
  • General conventions with tables & graphs

Finishing the report

  • Difference between summary and executive summary
  • Conclusions
  • Abstracts
  • Contents list

Formatting of technical reports

  • Page numbers, headers, footers, footnotes, end notes, etc.
  • Words vs. numbers
  • Conclusion
  • Submit your own report
  • Receive a CD with five templates and a checklist to use

Learning Outcomes

·         Understand the consequence of ineffective verbal and written communication

·         Establish the effectiveness of your own communication skills

·         Use the clear writing principles to focusyour writing for maximum results

·         Knowledge on the appropriate tense and grammar to use

·         Master the correct format of bullets and numbering in your report

·         Understandthe report writing process

·         Understand what information is essential in a report

·         Understand the purpose of the different sectionsof a business and technical report

·         Write an effective conclusion and summary

·         Write a technical report using the correct format and structure

·         Refer to diagrams accurately

·         Knowledge on where and how to use your diagrams

·         Use a checklist to limit errors in your report

·         Use electronic templates provided

Who should attend?

All employees responsible for submitting reports of a technical nature in the engineering field, including engineers, architects, managers, assistants, project managers and secretaries.


This event has been cancelled