There is a clear need for additional development of engineering graduates employed by consulting engineers to broaden the scope of their knowledge beyond pure engineering in order to create a larger reservoir of skills and to attract and retain new entrants to the industry.

The CESA development programme, comprising certificates in the Business of Consulting Engineering and Management in Consulting Engineering better prepares young professional engineers and technologists to deal with all aspects of the complex and competitive world of commercial business. Modules focus on upgrading the business and project delivery skills, competencies and capabilities of engineers within a consulting firm.

Each certificate programme enables engineers to study without impacting negatively on their normal work obligations. They are of a modular nature and each can be completed within one year. It involves attending three one-week block-release modules per year. At the end of each module, the participant is assessed. Participants are required to complete assignments in between the modules as part of a distance learning programme. Assignments are practically oriented and are based on the delegate’s working environment.

The CESA programme has been developed over a period of eighteen months and has involved considerable research and input from a broad range of industry leaders and personnel representative of the industry as a whole. The programme has been designed and structured by specialist education consultants to ensure that it is relevant and of the highest standard.

The School continues to offer individual short courses to provide specialized training in selected fields of study to broaden and hone the skills of consulting engineering employees. These courses also enable registered professionals to assimilate points required for continuous professional development.